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Dani came out of his hiding place.

Several years ago, a bleached body was discovered in a vacant plot in the neighbourhood.

I never want to make you angry.

On a fundamental level, the 12 forms of the Chinese zodiac are related to animal worship.

This tool is of great use.

And if the vacuum explodes, it is called a black hole.

Have you ever kneaded dough?

I knew exactly what Pete meant.

"Lately, I've become close friends with Toerless." "Oh, that's good!"

I have him eating out of my hand.

Hillel is closing the store.


I'm not talking about Jones.

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At that moment, I felt in complete harmony with the world.

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Deal with it.

Whenever an accident happens, the first thing the doctors look for is a bracelet, a necklace, or some accessory that can provide some information about the patient.

We laughed and laughed.


I really want to thank you.

Will you excuse me for a minute?

Let me introduce my mother to you.

Everything you can imagine is real.

You've done your duty.


I had to catch the first train this morning in order to get here in time.

I want to make sure nothing will happen to Clem.

I just wanted to make sure you were safe.

There was a sudden change in the situation.

Elaine said he didn't invite Brender to his party.

I had dinner with Devon.

The dignity of man is inviolable. To respect and protect it is the duty of all state authority.

That happened just recently.

It's good to see you, too.

However, the quantity is not correct.

I can't identify it.

Tyler wants to file a complaint.

One nail drives out another.

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She has an ax to grind.

I cannot kill a mouse, let alone a little bird.

Lisa Hat was in New Orleans this week.

Are you sure you heard something?

The man took the boy by the hand.

Nobody is indispensable.

I'd like to share this sandwich with you.

It's impossible to me.

I wonder why birds migrate.

I hardly ever watch TV.

I used to love going to the beach.

Don't worry about it. Just get back to work.

I'm prepared to give you a second chance if you want it.


I constantly talk to myself.

I can't bear to tramp ten miles in this heat.

We were eighteen at that time.

This cave is full of bats.

Miltos didn't mind doing the dishes.

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A crystal chandelier was hanging over the table.


It was truly an abomination.

What is all this?

Could you check that again, please?

I'll go and check.

We're all very happy about it.


This isn't easy.


How long have you known her for?

Did you put her up to it?

I carpool with her.

Rafael is still the champ.

This'll be fun.

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I wonder what Edgar sees in Gunnar.

Live your life with the precision of a Samurai.

The candidate was disappointed at the outcome of the election.


Have you been thinking about me?

Harold doesn't think he can get along with Christofer.

I don't want to live in a big mansion.


That story is a pack of lies.

Jan found the exercise exhausting.

Behave yourselves.


We certainly should've won.

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Dan was in a state of shock.

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I see little of my father these days.

They'll love that.

I gather you were unsuccessful.


I don't like the way Harry looks at me.


Everything will change.

Tell Konstantinos I'm in a meeting.

Sir knew me.

The Sikh Empire was established in 1799 by Ranjit Singh.

My father was still at home when I left.

They made a great tumult last night.

Let's hurry so that we can catch the bus.


Kaj wants to get out of prison.

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Maurice ran into a squad of police officers armed to the teeth.


He wants to sell his car, and I want to buy one.

I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday evening.

We had a welcome party for her.

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I was in a nightclub.


I don't want Johann involved in this.

They don't deal in political matters.

I love cats.

She is making use of you.

Billie locked himself out of his room.


What was the problem you wanted to talk to me about?

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This is her book.

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He judges other people time and again.

We've been out looking for them.

Roman invited Murray to join him and his family for dinner.

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Wash your hands before eating.

Are you sure you don't want to go shopping with us?

Jenine had no idea what was going to happen.

Noam is in better shape than I thought.

Darren's father was very strict.


"How much do you have on you now?" "Sorry, I didn't bring my wallet."

There's no way I'm leaving you here alone with Teresa.

The clumsy man envied her unusual talent.

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I have nothing to do with the scandal.

I can't make head or tail of what you say.

Well, I bake bread.

I only found out about that today.

She may well speak ill of him.

Nobody knows except Vadim and me.

You've seen this before, I can tell.


I'm not usually this busy.

Bring it on, Kathryn.

You needn't have taken a taxi.

The manufacturer of the medicine is a Japanese company.

I wish to see him immediately.

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Liza is waiting for you in the conference room.


He was very friendly to everybody.

Please don't forget to put a stamp on the letter before mailing it.

This is a random sentence.

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I don't feel like eating anything now.

Paula hates raw onions.

Brazil fulfills most of our demand for coffee.

That was a little confusing.

Did Margie tell you that, too?

Your father works for a bank, doesn't he?

I thought this would be more fun.

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Do you know what that means?

How did you figure out this problem?

She lives in abundance.


I've been thinking about it, too.

Glenn really likes chocolate cake.

Wedlock is a padlock.

I like all sorts of Asian foods, particularly Thai food.

Can anyone explain this to me?


The boys rushed for the door at the same time.

He lay awake all night.

This is not a joke to be told in the presence of your parents.

You'd better wait for the next bus.

What did you talk to them about?

Do you want the job or not?

You're getting better at that.

Your writing is very illegible.

My uncle works in this office.

I heard that they discovered the footprints of an abominable snowman in the Himalayan mountains.

The prince loitered about all day.

I'm having some cheese.

Thanks for understanding the drama of my homeland, which is, like Pablo Neruda would say, a silent Vietnam; there aren't occupation troops, nor powerful planes clouding the clean skies of my land, we're under financial blockade, we have no credits, we can't buy spare parts, we have no means to buy foods and we need medicines...

You know how these things work.

Her son is stationed in West Germany.


Drink a tea with me!

Wendell is limping now.

What was it you asked Judy?


There was no changing her mind.